Recognizing Shame

In the previous blog post, I described the differences between healthy and unhealthy shame. In this post I will describe how to more accurately recognize whether you are experiencing one of these [...]

Introverted Dads

As an introverted dad, it’s important to prioritize self-care, time alone, and find ways to manage stress that work for you. Being an introverted dad myself, I have found it necessary to [...]

Introvert Boundaries

Do you consider yourself introverted? If you’re unsure if you are an introvert, feel free to check out this blog post – it discusses some of the main criteria that is often used to describe [...]

Stress Management 101

Have you ever heard of the Window of Tolerance? Originally developed by Dan Siegel, MD, it is a great way to describe the different ways we emotionally and physiologically approach different [...]

Unsolicited Advice

Have you shared details of your life with someone in order to practice being more open and vulnerable with trusted others? Perhaps you decided to share something you have been struggling with and [...]

New Year Challenge

Welcome to the Gregorian New Year, Year 2022! The last few years have been difficult for everyone on our planet. The global pandemic, no matter what your perspective on the matter is, has caused [...]

Are You An Introvert?

  There are certain moments in our lives when an idea from outside of ourselves is presented to us, and it just clicks with our internal sense of self. Some may call these moments, ‘Aha’ [...]

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