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Welcome! This is the First Post of the Iron Tree Counselling Blog. My name is Cam and I am a Master’s Level trained counsellor (a.k.a. Psychotherapist) in British Columbia, Canada. I am not just any counsellor though, I consider myself to be an introverted counsellor

What is an introverted counsellor you ask?

Well, I am a person who considers themselves to be higher on the introvert side of the introversion-extraversion spectrum – basically that means that I enjoy solitude and plenty of down time doing my own thing, prefer small gatherings as opposed to large parties, and am constantly reflecting about my own inner life and how I am impacted by others and vice versa. 

So, I am an introvert who supports other people, through counselling, who also consider themselves to be introverts. 

For the record, I also support many different people from all walks of life, not just introverts. 

For instance, I have worked with individuals with substance use concerns, individuals with brain injuries, those suffering from anxiety, depression, anger, people going through tough life transitions, and post-secondary students. 

Supporting introverts is just one of the specialties I have a particular interest in because I have struggled with many introvert-specific issues in my own life and thus have been there and done that

I decided to start this blog due to the limited amount of easy to access information about introversion and mental health. Don’t get me wrong, there is tons of research about introversion being completed all the time. 

However, it seems that there is a discrepancy between the amount of knowledge available and the accessibility of this knowledge for practical purposes for people who struggle with introvert-specific issues. 

This blog, connected to my Clinical Counselling practice, is meant to support introverts that want their voices to be heard in a professional setting. It’s for those quieter folks who perhaps have struggled to find their inner voice due to it being drowned out by the loud world that we live in. It’s for those who know in their core that they have so much to contribute in their own lives and perhaps to the rest of the world but don’t know how to speak out or have others listen to them. 

This blog is for those who just want to read something that they resonate with personally while also being able to learn something about themselves. If interested in more than just digesting information, counselling can be seen as the next step towards increased self-knowledge, assertiveness skills, and paving a clear path in your own life to be heard and taken seriously. 

Feel free to check out the Contact page if you’re curious about starting counselling (the consultation is FREE). 

Moreover, my hope is that this blog will add some substance to the world of introversion and psychology. I love to research different topics and spread the news about what the latest findings are in the world of psychology and counselling – how to help those that want to be helped.

Overall this blog will primarily be about topics related to introvert mental health and of exploring different topics and struggles that afflict introverts.

I will also be throwing in some posts about psychology, neuroscience, emotions, mindfulness, self-compassion, and other topics that relate to everyone’s mental health more generally. 

I love reading and thus will also be citing or suggesting good books to read – primarily regarding introversion but also related to mental health, parenting, stress management, and self-discovery.

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